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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are once again making their way around the world, this time with a vengeance. They are easily transmitted from one location to another, yet they are quite difficult to get rid of on your own. The expertise of a trained professional is the only way to eradicate them.



Bed bugs are very small. Adults are about 3/16” long, and about 1/8” wide, flat with an oval shape, and only become dark upon becoming adults. They look a lot like an apple seed. Immature bed bugs are smaller in size and tend to be on the clear side. The eggs of bed bugs are invisible to the naked eye.


Bed Bug Treatment Rochester NY

Feeding habits…

Although bed bugs can survive more than a year without a blood meal, they prefer to have a blood meal every 5 to 10 days. Because they nest in the cracks and crevices of nightstands, dressers, headboards, and bed framing, among other places, along within the folds of our mattresses, they are not far from us while we sleep.

The sheer nature of our sleep is what attracts them to us. They are attracted to the Carbon Dioxide that we exhale while breathing, as well as our body heat. They look for exposed skin along the mattresses, and it becomes a feeding frenzy.


Bed Bug Bites Rochester NYBed bugs bite people because they need the blood meal for survival. However, if you are the one they are feeding on, you will not feel anything until a few hours after the feeding. Bites differ in severity from small red swellings at the bite site to blisters developing.






Rochester Bed Bug Treatment

The treatment of bed bugs is very labor intensive and should NOT be attempted on your own. Please call us at 334-3880 for more information today!


Our treatment is a 2 stage treatment. The first stage is a treatment of your WHOLE home. The second stage is a followup 2 weeks from the first treatment, at no cost to you, with treatment as needed.


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