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Box Elder Beetles Rochester

Box Elder Beetles are about 1/2 an inch long and are mainly dark brown to black in color with reddish/orange lines running along the wings and thorax, forming a "V" when the wings are folded and at rest. When resting, their wings lie flat on its back. They are sometimes mistaken for Stink Bugs or Milkweed bugs.


Why they are a pest…


Unlike most pests you want eliminated, Box Elder Beetles won’t cause you or your pets any general harm since they do not bite, they don’t eat anything within your home (including plants), and they won’t breed inside your home so you don’t have to worry about infestation.


It’s their droppings that tend to rub people the wrong way. A Box Elder’s droppings can “spot” furnishings and curtains. Also, when crushed, they emit a foul odor. They’re mainly a pest because they’re an uninvited guest.




Adult Box Elders can gather in large numbers on the warm outside walls of homes. As fall approaches, some may find their way inside in search of shelter over the winter.


The most obvious way to avoid infestations is to get rid of nearby female box elder trees. Should you enjoy the shade or look of these trees, be sure to get a male tree from the nursery.


In the winter, little can be done to get rid of the nuisance. Elimination must take place in summer or fall — September being the best time for treatment. Call 334-3880 for more information or to set up an appointment.


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