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Centipedes Rochester

You have most likely met the House Centipede. Once fully grown they have an average of 17 pairs of delicate legs that are connected to a rigid body. It’s yellowish grey in color and usually has three dark colored stripes running the length of its body. Its body type allows it to be very fast and agile as it travels up walls and ceilings. They are often mistaken for the unrelated “silverfish.”


Where to look…


The House Centipede prefers to live in a cool, damp place. This generally puts them in places like the basement, bathroom, and kitchen of your home since there’s more water. However, you can find them in any room of the house. You’re most likely to encounter these guys in the fall since the cold weather forces them to find shelter within our homes.


What they do…


Even though you want them out, House Centipedes are your friends. Really. Their diets consist mainly of other household pests such as houseflies, and are considered to be one of the most beneficial unwanted guests.

They don’t destroy furniture or get into your food, but they can bite (no worse than a bee sting) although it seldomly occurs. Their appearance and the fear of the occasional painful bite is often enough to desire their eviction from homes.




Since House Centipedes’ bodies allow them to crawl into tight crevices, the best way to prevent their intrusion is to keep areas of your house from becoming damp — especially your basement. Other methods include filling cracks in the walls and floor and reducing the population of other pests.


If you’d like to use traps, avoid baits as most of the House Centipedes’ prey are moving. Sticky traps are a good first line of defense.


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