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Everyone thinks chipmunks are cute. Everyone, that is, who has not had their home invaded by them. Even though chipmunks are a relative of the grey squirrel, when your home has been invaded by chipmunks, it is very similar to a mouse invasion. They will both nest anywhere in your home they can, chewing up whatever they need to for the material to build that nest. They will also bring materials from the outside inside your home to build their nest, which is where they will have many litters over their lifetime.


While in your home, they will chew on just about anything they can, including wires, to keep their teeth sharp. This sort of damage is dangerous to your home, and in some cases, can cause a fire. Also, I have NEVER met a chipmunk that is housebroken.


Finding the access point(s) for chipmunks into your home is not an easy task. They can gain access from the ground level, or from the roof, having climbed up a tree, gnawing a hole into your home like the squirrel.


That’s where we come in. We have the experience to find their access points, and trap them to rid your home of them and any further messes associated with them, including but not limited to, lice, fleas, and ticks.


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