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Cluster Flies

Cluster Fly Rochester NY

Cluster flies are grey in color and are often mistaken for the common house fly as they are roughly the same size. They tend to fly more slowly and gravitate toward the warmer side of the house. If you’re able to catch them at rest, their wings overlap completely.


Where they are common…


If earthworms are abundant in your area, then chances are cluster flies are as well. Cluster flies are the parasites of earthworms. Earthworms are most abundant in places where manure is stored and grassy areas where the soil is very moist.


Prevention and treatment…


Once a new generation of cluster flies hatches (around late August) they migrate into homes through cracks in window and door frames or loose-fitting vinyl or aluminum siding.


Cluster flies are best treated the first few weeks in September. To minimize entry, it’s recommended that you have a professional distribute a residual material to window frames, door frames, soffits, etc. Call 334-3880 for more information or to set up an appointment.


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