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They’re hard enough to find so there’s not much sense in discussing what they look like. But, in case you’re interested, they’re only a 1/16 to an 1/8 of an inch long and dark colored. They also have mouthparts adapted for feeding off the blood of your pets and yourself.


Where to look…


Bites are obvious indicators. If you’ve gotten bitten you’ll notice a red, slighty raised swollen spot, and they typically appear in clusters.


Your pet, if you have one, — and it’s possible to have flea infestation without a pet — is the second-best place to start looking. Just take a grooming comb and go through the hair of your pet. If you find little black specks that look like dirt, you’ll have a pretty good indication that you have fleas — the specks are actually flea excrement.


And, if you feel really ambitious, you can check your backyard as this is where it most likely started. It will be difficult to find them, but like we said, if you’re ambitious…




A flea’s anatomy is designed to allow it to survive the scratching of its host, and much more. They can endure a great deal of pressure, so don’t be surprised when you can’t kill one between your fingers (try using your fingernails). However, if you tried killing them one-by-one, you’d have fleas for the rest of your life!


So, it’s recommended that if you have a pet, start there. If not, thoroughly vacuum your whole house — pillows, carpets, drapes, everything. Then, call us for further assistance.


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